Let me remind you, iRail is NOT affiliated with the NMBS/SNCB in any way.

This website was created during my spare time (and mainly for myself). It is also maintained during my spare time. NMBS/SNCB never helped to create or maintain this website (nor did it show any interest to do so).

I never got paid (or earned any kind of money) for this website. The website is free to access from any device (but it’s built to be used on an iPhone or iPad).

All problems related with this website should be directed to ME and NOT the NMBS/SNCB.

All data and info is retrieved from the B-Rail website. Every request on the iRail website is translated into a request on the B-Rail website. iRail just shows you what the B-Rail route planner would show you without the regular layout (most of the css/html is stripped off). Only the icons have a local backup on the iRail website (technically easier to make sure icons are showed correctly).

I am not responsible for incorrect time tables (and I don’t think B-Rail is either). I am sure there are glitches in the iRail website that might give you false/bugged information (please, report, to me) and some stations might not be working (please, report, to me, as well). In some cases I might be able to fix these issues.

For the REAL NMBS/SNCB Mobile website please visit THIS website.

Again, iRail was only created due to a lack of alternatives (and is still online because some visitors, including myself, seem to prefer my version over the official one), as a hobby and for personal experience.

Please, don’t force me to kill this website.

Edit: read more.

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17. May 2010 by Yeri Tiete
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