iRail station bugs

Following stations are giving a problem:

  • Aalst,
  • Asse,
  • Brugge,
  • Mechelen

Trying to find a fix.

Issue: All those stations give an additional intermediate page with the question to confirm your station choice.

Old solution: could be by-passed by adding “[B]” to the end of every station name but this has recently changed and is no longer working.

Current solution: none yet. Working with cURL to check the POST data.

Report additional broken stations to please.

Edit: Fixed — Thanks Pieter !

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06. July 2010 by Yeri Tiete
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  1. Please contact me, all these stations work perfectly in my Android application.

    I would like to talk with you also to include the “social” part in your application:

    All the users of all the trains in Belgium can talk together. I would like to add the iPhone users to the system:

    Please have a look at the communication system I made:

  2. Bit busy coming week, but you can contact me on and/or Twitter (@tuinslak)

  3. OK, will contact you next week.
    While waiting, you can have a look at this picture, everything work fine:

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