iSoc update: the first week

The iRail Summer of code is off to a good start, and we’re already halfway through the second week so it’s time for an update! For some background information on the projects mentioned, take a look at each of the students’ pages on the iSoc website, where their activities are conveniently summarised; here’s what they’ve been working on so far.

Jan started from the idea of The DataTank, and together with Pieter he layed the basis of a generic framework, which will enable developers to build API’s efficiently. This framework is now functioning in so far that an infosession could be organised; a more elaborate workshop will become possible later on in the process.

A preview of The DataTank website

Tim is further developing the BeTrains application for Symbian, which is based on the Qt-framework. The DelayAnnouncer Twitter bot he made earlier can still be seen in action on the Twitter accounts @AntwerpCentral, @LiegeGuillemins, @BrusselsCentral, @BrusselsMidi, @BrusselsNorth and @KortrijkStation, but earlier this week the @GentSintPieters account got suspended, and it’s still unclear for what reason.

Screenshots of the BeTrains app for Symbian

Ruben had some difficulties last week while working on the infoscreens application of FlatTurtle. This week things are looking better; right now he’s working on the datawrapper for the database. In general, Ruben is laying the basis of the application’s admin panel.

Dimitri is working on the Kadee! app, for which Bits of love had come up with the idea and a mockup during Apps for Ghent. He is now building a HTML5 framework for it, which will also be usable for other similar apps, and which can be seen here. More specificially, Dimitri is working on a feedback system, on adding information on accessibility of venues (implementing the iRail API for example), and on using The DataTank, for aggregating info from Cultuurnet and others.

Mockup of the Kadee! app

I myself (Greet) have been working on some of the iRail websites; I gave both this blog and the iRail NPO site a makeover, added some content to the Summer of code site and cleaned up the Project wiki a little. I also did some administrative tasks, and currently I’m working on a logo for FlatTurtle and keeping the various websites up to date.

This concludes the first iSoc update; we’ll be back with more news later!

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I'm a Dutch & English student, working on iRail Summer of code 2012.

13. July 2011 by Greet Derudder
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