iSoc update: the second week

The second week of the iRail Summer of code was just as eventful as the first one. Here’s a rundown of our activities this second week.

Jan and Pieter have now finished the basis of The DataTank and are further developing it. This first version of The DataTank enabled us to get the Gentse Feesten data online in JSON format in less than 10 minutes.

Ruben has almost finished the wizard to configure the FlatTurtle infoscreens, and will implement the design for it soon. The next step is getting the infoscreens working.

FlatTurtle configuration wizard: preview

Dimitri is done with the basis of Kadee!, meaning he finished the HTML5 framework. He too benefits from The DataTank, for using the data from the Cultuurnet database.

As for me, I did some more administrative work for iRail and FlatTurtle, finished the logo design and wizard design for FlatTurtle, made a video announcement and logo for the Gentse Feesten app, and some more random tasks here and there.

On Friday, the Gentse Feesten data were made available, so Dimitri, Tim and Pieter took it upon themselves to code an app for it in one day. Our Gentse Feesten app is written in HTML5, and it works offline since the data are static anyway. The app provides a simple way to look up events happening now or soon, close to you.

Gentse Feesten app: screenshots

Next week things will be a little more quiet around here, with Dimitri and Tim leaving. But the rest of us continue, and in the fourth week we have the workshops coming up!

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I'm a Dutch & English student, working on iRail Summer of code 2012.

19. July 2011 by Greet Derudder
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