iSoc update: the third week

Time is going fast, and the third Summer of code week has passed before we knew it!

The Gentse Feesten app is still up and running, and we hope it’s helping people find their way in Ghent this week.

Ruben has in the meantime implemented the design for the FlatTurtle info screen wizard, and is working on getting it to work properly. Jan and Pieter are working on the documentation for The DataTank, and have fixed some bugs as well. I have done more of the same things I did in the second week, namely administrative tasks and design work. Unfortunately we don’t have any previews to show you yet this week, but stay tuned for next week!

Since the iRail Summer of code lasts only one month, the workshops were organized and announced on rather short notice. To ensure quality, we have decided to stay focused and stick to the workshop about The DataTank. You can still subscribe for this workshop by sending an email to Greet.

About Greet Derudder

I'm a Dutch & English student, working on iRail Summer of code 2012.

22. July 2011 by Greet Derudder
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