iSoc update: the last week

The iRail Summer of code has come to an end, and we tried to do as much as possible in the time we had left.

Jan and Pieter improved the funcionality in the web interface of The DataTank. On Tuesday they led the workshop about The DataTank, which turned out to be very interesting.

After Ruben left us to work on his thesis, Michiel took over the FlatTurtle project. He worked on some fixes and improvements for the wizard, and solved a big part of the memory leak the infoscreen had. Other than that he continued working on theming possibilities in the wizard.

I did some illustrations for the presentation during the workshop on Tuesday (e.g. the one above), and among other things I made a logo for Apps for Ghent. I also redesigned the website, which will be going live officially very soon (keep an eye on the Apps for Ghent Twitter account)!

And that concludes the month of July for us!

About Greet Derudder

I'm a Dutch & English student, working on iRail Summer of code 2012.

29. July 2011 by Greet Derudder
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