A mission, a vision and a visual identity

First of all, as a new blogger on iRail, I will have to introduce myself. My name is Miet Claes and I’m a student Graphic Design at the MAD-faculty. For my master’s I was asked to find an NPO with a goal that interested me. I got the assignment to guide them in developing their visual identity and help build a campaign. A few weeks ago I contacted Yeri and Pieter after their talk at TEDxUHasselt, because I wanted their NPO. As you can see, we got along great!

Thursday, November 24th Pieter and I hooked up to discuss the mediaplan that’s going to take iRail a step further to the creation of a visual identity. From now on you will be able to see the iRail Mediaplan taking form at this blog. To get an idea, I put together a little presentation. It’s still being revised by the entire board and we’re working hard to complete it, but I’m happy to introduce the start of the iRail Mediaplan!

About Miet Claes

Miet is a designer. Print, screen, web, identity… She loves participating in new and thrilling projects. Participating in iRail Summer of code 2012.

29. November 2011 by Miet Claes
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