#iSoc12 The hackathon

On the second day of iSoc, we held a hackathon. All of the steps the teams will be going through in three weeks — all in one day! Why not?

The iSoc students, coding away during the hackathon.

Since the data of the Gentse Feesten have recently become available, the iSoc students were teamed up into four teams to write an app for the Gentse Feesten.

  • Team 1: Dimitri, Michael, Jeppe, Jeroen
    GF12 Planner: planning your route
  • The FirstSight team: Sacha, Laurens, François
    GentseReet is saving your ass: real-time ratings of Gentse Feesten concerts/events
  • The Mobile Vikings team: Hannes, Koen, Lennart
    PartySlider: visualisation
  • The FlatTurtle team: Jens, Nik, Glenn
    LocoGent: Foursquare integration

Thanks to Miet for the logos, and thanks to Jan for the webservice.

An external jury, consisting of Ann Bernaert (Digipolis), Bart Rosseau (city of Ghent), Sander Van der Maelen (The Reference), Stéphane Roelandt (OKFN), Tim Besard (iRail member) and Stijn Delbeke (expert by experience)  judged the four apps. They took into consideration criteria such as marketing plan, information architecture, design, coding, …

Hannes presents the PartySlider app, by the Mobile Vikings team.

Congratulations to the winner, Loco Gent! All criteria were thought about, but ultimately, the jury also considered which app they would actually use. Well done! You can also read about the experiences of Jens, the team leader of the winning team.

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I'm a Dutch & English student, working on iRail Summer of code 2012.

03. July 2012 by Greet Derudder
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