#iSoc12 Firstsight: What is it all about

Hi everybody,

I’m François and I’m going to open the blog post festival by a short introduction of the Firstsight project, its history and and its goal.

Project’s history
Our project leader, Sacha Schmitz, is a student at Solvay Business School (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and started Firstsight as an educational project. He started from the idea that people are often afraid to get in touch with each other when they meet someone interesting.

This natural barrier can be avoided by using the new smartphones technologies to create re-meetings. This is the goal of the Firstsight project.

BeMyApp Belgium
To kickstart his project, Sacha decided to join the BeMyApp competition. The principle of the BeMyApp weekend is simple: people having innovative ideas but lacking developers skills to make them real, make a short pitch to present their ideas behind a panel of developers. After an initial voting, teams are being formed around the 5 most liked ideas and, in 48 hours, the application is being developed as far as possible.

At the end of the 48 hours, a jury of professionals selected the best application (which was in this case Firstsight) and we’ve been eligible for advantages like Microsoft Boostcamp and London Spring.

The idea in more details

Here’s a picture explaining the idea in more detail:

We hope the idea will seduce (and help to seduce) a lot of people; initially in Belgium, but after that hopefully also in the UK or the USA.

About François Remy

François is a developer for Firstsight during iRail Summer of code 2012.

04. July 2012 by François Remy
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