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The iRail Summer of code event has started two days ago. We are very lucky that we can participate in this event and gain experience from the best. The atmosphere is very comfortable and fun.

The first day, also known as the kick-off, was very relaxed. We learned to know each other and the team. We learned about each other’s specialties, this way it’s easy to ask questions to the right person.

The second day started at Digipolis for us. This company takes care of the IT-infrastructure of the city of Ghent. They will follow-up on our progress on the Code9000 project. We met our mentors and we got a tour of the building, and afterwards we got an introduction on the project and the expectations.

Our goal is to develop a mobile app that has something to do with the city of Ghent to provide a better experience for any kind of people, which can vary from tourists to residents and employees. We have the freedom to come up with our own concepts. In order to get inspiration, we had the opportunity to talk with a lot of civil servants from different departments of the city this week. It was very inspiring and we already came up with a lot of ideas.

Tomorrow we have two meetings scheduled and at 4pm we will pitch our ideas. The city of Ghent, together with other supporting parties, will select the best concept.

Hopefully we can start our project by Friday because of the time pressure. We should be able to finish our project within the coming two weeks. So probably we’ll have to work hard to deliver a cool project. We are very motivated and eager to learn new things from our colleagues.

One thing is sure, the time at iSoc will be awesome!

Sam, Nicolas, Lieven (the Code 9000 team)

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Nicolas is a designer for Code9000 during iRail Summer of code 2012.

04. July 2012 by Nicolas Dierck
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