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After almost one week of meeting interesting people, we had to pitch all our ideas that we had. We came up with 7 ideas and actually, they were all interesting to work out. But because of the lack of time, the city of Ghent together with others, had to pick one. Finally the decision was made and we agreed that the project for the coming two weeks will be ‘Take A Look Inside’. If you are interested in the other ideas we pitched, take a look at the slides.

Giving the presentation

What is ‘Take A Look Inside’?
The easiest way to explain is with a little example. You’re walking in the streets of the beautiful city of Ghent. You’re looking around and you see all kinds of beautiful old respected buildings. But sometimes they aren’t accessible for visitors. Don’t you want to know what’s behind the walls? Didn’t you ever wanted to know what the building looks like at the inside? We came with a solution.

How does it work?
Take A Look Inside will place QR-codes in front of the building. You can scan the codes with your smartphone or tablet. You will be referred to a little video clip that creates the atmosphere of the building. You don’t want to watch the video at this moment? No problem, you can look at it later.

At this moment?
At this moment we are creating the information architecture. What do we want in our application? What should our application look like? Which platforms should be supported? All these kinds of questions are taking their form right now. The database design is figured out because this will provide the data for the application.

That’s about it for now. We’ll keep you posted!

The code9000 team

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06. July 2012 by Sam Verschueren
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