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Hello, Sjimi is my nickname; Dimitri Roose is my real name and I’m currently working on a project sponsored by Go-Mobile.

It came to be called ‘tip&skip’ and I’ll try to shape the general idea behind this proof of concept.

Project vision
First of all this is a proof of concept base approach to an SMS ticketing platform and/or application. The proof of concept will show to which extent this project can be realised and if so the possibilities should be unveiled.

The main goal is to provide a platform where mobile payment services are offered. The platform should ease the process of acquiring such SMS tickets. Examples of such tickets are those provided by De LijnNMBS or 4411 parking tickets.

In general there are two thought processes; buying via one’s mobile phone or buying for a phone from a computer at distance.

Buying from one’s mobile phone (BfP)
When people buy SMS tickets they do this mostly because they lacked the time to buy a ‘real’ ticket in advance or just don’t have the time anymore to buy one. Maybe the ‘ticketeer’ is short in cash but he decides to use the money on his phone instead, again probably just in time before he needs the ticket.

Therefore the main priority is speed and usability. Mostly no extra data is necessary to acquire such a ticket. A one-click-does-it-all approach should be envisioned.

Buying for a phone from a computer (BfC)
The purpose is somewhat different when buying an SMS-ticket from your computer which is to be sent to your phone. This will mostly be used when planning your trip beforehand. The ‘ticketeer’ would be able to avoid the hassle of buying a ‘real’ ticket.

Wireframe BfP
I’ve worked out the wireframe for the BfP approach on paper and I’m currently constructing a prototype responsive web application from the wireframe which I hope to blog about soon!

About Dimitri Roose

Dimitri is a developer for Tip&skip during iRail Summer of code 2012.

08. July 2012 by Dimitri Roose
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