#iSoc12 The Missing H Story

Hi there,
I’m Michael and I’m part of the Missing H team together with Thomas. Originally we were going to finish the Circadia app, the idea with which we won Apps for Ghent 2012. Originally I said … Let’s back up from the beginning to see were it went terribly wrong with your favourite team’s favourite team. “Will our heroes survive?” I hear you say, “Will they still make an awesome app?”. Just read the story bro, stop asking questions. 😉

Wednesday July 4th
“Let’s make the Circadia app they said, it’ll be fun they said.”

That day, our two superheroes, Michael and Thomas, are present early in the headquarters of #iSoc12. Why so early you ask? Because we have to. Blame iRail.
And so, kids, began the brainstorming on the Circadia app by these two masterminds that fateful Wednesday morning. They looked over the original idea and they began to realize it was quite a nice idea in theory. Okay. Word-game, let’s take the two most important words of that phrase: in theory.
Step by step, we began to gather that the idea was less and less good and that it needed some new thinking.

And so the problem began. Our two masterminds struggled trough a whole day of brainstorming, ending up with the conclusion they feared at the beginning of the day: the Circadia app was a nice  idea in theory, but a struggle to make because of lack of the data they needed and a struggle because they couldn’t find the purpose why users would use this app instead of Foursquare etc, …

And so team The Missing H was kicked out of #iSoc12.
Or not?! Will they get a new app to work on and can they stay in the #iSoc12 team?!
(*2 minutes of dramatic music*)

Thursday July 5th
“Spoiler: They get a new app to work on and they can stay in the #iSoc12 team”

Thomas, on of the two Missing H team members in #iSoc12, couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. So he took the first plane to Egypt and so he flew away. Rumors have  the young Thomas will return in the last week of #iSoc12. But rumors are just rumors people. “What will happen with the weaker one of the two heroes? ” I hear you say. Don’t worry, this won’t be my only blogpost!
(*people cheering and aplauding*)

And so we’ve arrived at the  quest of Michael to look for a brand new app idea. Armed with just a notebook, a pen and his bare hands, he began his quest with a trip to the headquarters of the #Code9000 team! Luckily for him, since he is a programmer and therefore lazy, their headquarters were in the same building. Even on the same floor. And even better, in the same room! So we can conclude that they’re actually a part of #iSoc12 as well. But never just take that for granted kids!

To make a long story short (if that’s still even remotely possible), after a long quest of thinking and rethinking about ideas, meetings and the final pitch of the #code9000 team, we got an app!
Mothers, lock op your daughters, because we will make the app for Kot@Gent!!
For those who don’t know, Kot@Gent is a website to search for student housing in the city of Ghent.

And so Young Michael and — who knows if he might return or not — Young Thomas are ready to start to work on their app and finally make themselves useful at #iSoc12. (I heard only the strongest survive in this wilderness …). (*dramatic music*).

Stay tuned people.


About Michael Vanderpoorten

Michael is a developer for Kot@Gent during iRail Summer of code 2012.

09. July 2012 by Michael Vanderpoorten
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