#iSoc12 Firstsight progress, bikeshedding & pizza’s!

Howdy dear bloggers,

My name is Laurens and I’m a developer for Firstsight working at iSoc12.
So far the first one week and a half we (François & me) worked on the mobile website for Firstsight.
Currently the authentication system is done and now we are working on the flashes & matching’s algorithm (check out François’ article to understand what a flash and a match is).
Also, almost the whole backend is ready (DB, web-services, etc)!

Enough with the nerd talk, what did we learn?

We learned a new word: bikeshedding!
What does it mean: bikeshedding is constantly talking about small non-important stuff,
and continue to discuss about it. So we of course try to avoid bike-shedding as much as possible.

Anecdote of the week:
What pizza’s?!
Yes, Pizza’s. We ordered pizza’s for the team but instead of ordering them all at once, we decided to order them team by team, to get multiple reductions instead of one reduction on the whole order. (When you have an order above 20€ you can get a reduction of €6, so we all made orders of €20 or more 🙂 )
It did cause some confusion with the delivery when they delivered a lot of pizza’s for everyone separately 😉
But the pizza’s were very good and we had a lot of fun 😉

All in all iSoc12 is a very fun working place, and I’m already looking forward to the next week!

About Laurens Van de Perre

Laurens is a developer for Firstsight during iRail Summer of code 2012.

12. July 2012 by Laurens Van de Perre
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