#iSoc12 The power of a motivated dynamic team

You might have noticed, but I’m not one of those early birds. I really wish I was, but alas.

This morning I got woken up by Christophe PJ, share holder en sole investor of FlatTurtle to thank Glenn, Nik, Jens, Miet, Pieter and myself for the amazing presentation and meeting we had yesterday.

“I feel totally rejuvenated”, he said, “The spirit is high, the motivation grew, what an amazing team! Can we make them work even more for us?!” But it didn’t end there; “be sure to take pictures, they have to be featured on our website! This is the community we are always talking about.”

I don’t usually get woken up with good news, but I guess this, for once, was. 😉

To have a “big man” make time in his busy schedule, and to leave the corporate world, just for #iSoc12, and have his mind blown is … Well … Pretty cool, I guess.

TurtleTeam (yes, I just made this up on the spot) quickly pitched what is FlatTurtle. Although Christophe is an insider, he’s a man that loves hearing opinions and feedback from everyone. So having “the story” told by fresh people is always something cool to hear.

Afterwards they continued to explain what they were working on. An interaction-and-touch-interface that will automagically give you power over our digital signage. And not only that, we actually demoed an early prototype.

Miet demonstrates the use of the FlatTurtle control tablet.

To add some spritz to the whole thing, the prototype they are working on now has to be finished and presentable by Wednesday evening. After that he’s taking it straight to a potential customer. Talk about live action.

As for TurtleTeam; it’s time to chew bubble gum and kick some ass.

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13. July 2012 by Yeri Tiete
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