#iSoc12 All about OAuth (and a BSoD)

Time flies if you’re having fun. The second week is already over, we’re entering the last week! I’m working on the iRail 3.0 project, together with Jens, Hannes and Koen. The base of our project is a nice little abbreviation, solomidem (Social location mobile identity management). It will combine all the social media into one identity.

To make secure calls to the different API’s, we need to implement OAuth. The last version, 2.0, is really nice to work with. The first version of OAuth however is **** and it’s really a shame that Twitter still uses this version. While this OAuth 1 is driving me crazy, my laptop isn’t happy with all that coding. Once a day, my laptop shuts down immediately. Kernel-power event 41, the biggest frustration ever! I even got this nice BSoD:

My nice BSoD. I think WinCDEmu was the root of all trouble.

Other than these issues, I’m really having a great time at iSoc12. Really nice atmosphere with like-minded people and interesting projects. I am also really impressed by some coders, especially Jeroen from The DataTank. He’s quite a genius with a keyboard in his hands! I also had a punishment in the second week: I forgot my adapter of my laptop, so I bought couques (koffiekoeken) for everyone. I think that everyone hopes that somebody will get a punishment, cause everybody loves couques in the morning. 😀

This last week will be a bit different: the Gentse Feesten have started (and we have a nice app for it!), which can cause some hangovers at the office. You’re still welcome to jump by though! 😉

About Lennart Martens

Student applied science - IT at University College Ghent. Loves badminton, playing the piano and some programming. Developer for iRail 3.0 during iRail Summer of code 2012.

16. July 2012 by Lennart Martens
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