#iSoc12 Ontoforce: The final stretch

Hello again! For those who haven’t read my previous blogpost: I’m Jeppe and I’m working on a project for Ontoforce. If you want to know more about what my project is and what Ontoforce is, you can read my previous post.

What’s new?
A lot of things happened during the past two weeks. I’ve finished my wireframes, I made a humongous flowchart of the application and I’ve started implementing the application. Besides all this, I’ve been presenting my application and my progress several times.

The flowchart
To get a clear overview of the application, Miet suggested me to construct a flowchart. As I’m only a humble programmer, Miet helped me with the design and interaction. It turned out to be a rather complex network of interconnected screens, but it has proven to be a reliable fallback when I started implementing.

Miet helping me with my flowchart.

Although the flowchart had shown the complexity and magnitude of the application, I was ready as ever before to begin the construction of the application itself. I started with the first two screens of the application, working rather in-order to be able to show the application with some hard-coded example data.

Soon I realised it was going to be more interesting if I could already dynamically load some data from a couple of data sets. Instead of carrying on with my original plan, I started implementing a generic search page, so the people who continue on the project would have a more solid base. I wrote a generic parser in javascript, with a couple of specific parsers inheriting from it. Now, one day before the end of #iSoc12, I’ve fixed the last bugs and added some final features.

As I stated before, I’m no designer. Once again, Miet assisted me by doing a lot of the designing of the currently implemented pages. A big thanks to her for all her support in the past few weeks. The application wouldn’t have been this nice without her!

In the last few days and till this very moment, I’ve been writing some thorough documentation, next to the documented code. This is really important, since I made the basis on which the people within Ontoforce will work. As I’m currently the only one who knows the code and the flow of the application, I need to explain it as well as possible, to ensure no double work needs to be done.

I’d like to thank everyone for these past three weeks, #iSoc12 has been a great experience! Some extra credit goes to Stephane Roelandt from Ontoforce, for bringing coffee couques for the whole team this morning.

The coffee couques Stephane brought

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I'm a 21 years old informatics student at the University of Ghent. This summer I'm working as a student worker at iRail Summer of code.

19. July 2012 by Jeppe Knockaert
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