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Hi all,

It’s official! Thanks to our friends of Mobile Vikings (the mobile operator with the best customer service in Belgium) and Massive Media, we now have a (co-)working space in the heart of Ghent.

We are not always there, but feel free to send an e-mail when you would like to visit people who are working on an iRail project (The DataTank,, the API, Ghendetta, FlatTurtle, We Open Data, etc), feel free to ping us on twitter/via mail/via phone and so on.

About Pieter Colpaert

Pieter is a researcher in linked transport data publishing at MMLab - UGent - iMinds. He also co-founded Open Knowledge Belgium, in which he represents the iRail/Open Transport Working Group.

20. October 2012 by Pieter Colpaert
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