A Year with iRail – by Miet

So I would like to tell you about the wonderful time I have spent with iRail. As you might or might not know, the last few months I have had the pleasure to work there. I will continue to work with iRail—just not as a paid employee. I’m going back to the volunteer I used to be, supporting everyone involved. Say whaaat?

So here’s how it started…

About a year ago, I was finishing my Master’s degree as a Graphic Designer. My mission was to find an NPO that did something I could relate to, help them out with a new visual identity and build them a strategy. I was convinced to find some inspiration at TEDxUHasselt 2011. Little did I know what was going to happen.

Yeri & Pieter got on stage. They talked about the way our world is changing, and how we need to improve the way we move around the globe. About the growing number of people on the surface of the earth, about public transport, informing each other and open data. About moving together. How can we make travelling and commuting fun and easy?

After their talk, it was certain we were going to work together. Their talk inspired me, and they still do. I sent them an e-mail and we started to build a new visual identity. They embraced my enthusiasm and gave me the chance to work with them.

Management team


I got to know the Force behind iRail. A whole community of talented and motivated people keeps iRail alive. Ideas come to life and find their own way. Wonderful initiatives are supported, giving people opportunities they never thought possible.


The sentence “Supporting digital creativity concerning mobility” sounds a little complicated. What iRail actually does is improving our lives and supporting ideas that might change the world — if only it is a little dent!

After a while, they offered me a job. I met hundreds of interesting people, got the chance to improve my skills and to work on challenging projects. And we’re still working on those. Together with the community, we have accomplished some great things, including the open transport data manifesto and to help FlatTurtle get off the ground.

We all need to eat, so do I. But sometimes, I believe money just stands in the way of innovation and motivation. That is why I think being a volunteer is better than an employee. I am more than willing to help create more opportunities for iRail and the community.

See you soon!

About Miet Claes

Miet is a designer. Print, screen, web, identity… She loves participating in new and thrilling projects. Participating in iRail Summer of code 2012.

31. December 2012 by Miet Claes
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