Submit your app written on top of the iRail API

The iRail APIs have been around for almost 4 years now. Did you build something from our APIs? We would love to know! Fill it out on our public google drive spreadsheet. You can find the current results over here:

We are looking for new ways to finance the maintenance and further development of a national API for mobility in Belgium. Therefore, we first need some numbers to show that our API does make an impact. Next, we will inform you about further development as we will start streamlining the interfaces into one URI space.

Looking forward to your responses!


About Pieter Colpaert

Pieter is a researcher in linked transport data publishing at MMLab - UGent - iMinds. He also co-founded Open Knowledge Belgium, in which he represents the iRail/Open Transport Working Group.

11. August 2014 by Pieter Colpaert
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