The first month of collecting occupancy scores

It has now been one month since we soft-launched the iRail occupancy features of Spitsgids. From then on, it would be possible for commuters, to indicate how busy their train would be. Of course, we would not be iRail if we would not give this back to the community: you can not all start working with this data, as we published all the feedback we got until now (about 1400 entries) in 1 file:

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This evening, Monday the 10th of October, we are pitching this new dataset as a resource for people at the Ghent Data Dive on mobility data. The challenge entails to use this data to predict the future. Now that we now for sure how busy certain trains were, we want to predict how busy certain trains will be in the future, by using various different datasets, such as the iRail query logs, the weather data of KMI/IRM, buienradar, Uitdatabank, etc.

And oh yeah, by pitching this at the ITS Belgium Congress last week, we won the silver medal for best presentation! Thank you ITS Belgium!


About Pieter Colpaert

Pieter is a researcher in linked transport data publishing at MMLab - UGent - iMinds. He also co-founded Open Knowledge Belgium, in which he represents the iRail/Open Transport Working Group.

10. October 2016 by Pieter Colpaert
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