“By 2025 we will double the amount of public transit users,” says UITP (the international organisation for public transport). This is a noble goal that is great food for thought. Not only different transport networks will need to connect flawlessly, also social networks, GPS systems, calendars and publicly available data can be integrated to provide a networked mobility experience, leading to a more diverse use of transport.

iRail is a working group of Open Knowledge Belgium. The goal of the working group is summarized by these 3 bullets:

  1. Support digital creativity concerning mobility,
  2. Sustain and aggregate open data concerning mobility (like public transport) to offer an easy-to-use webservice for all third-party applications
  3. Living lab: start all sorts of new projects and support them to become a spin-off

Anyone who would like to contribute is welcome at iRail. If you are a student, developer, enthousiast … : please visit our contact page.

For press inquiries, you can send us an email at press@iRail.be.