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iRail servers

As you might have noticed, we’ve been struck by a bit of bad luck lately. About 6 weeks ago, a major FS crash occurred on one of the main servers of iRail. As this machine was quite old (7 years, an old … Continue reading

20. November 2011 by Yeri Tiete
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iRail station bugs

Following stations are giving a problem: Aalst, Asse, Brugge, Mechelen Trying to find a fix. Issue: All those stations give an additional intermediate page with the question to confirm your station choice. Old solution: could be by-passed by adding “[B]” … Continue reading

06. July 2010 by Yeri Tiete
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Brussels-Midi + iRail

Apparently the NMBS/SNCB website now makes a difference between “Brussels-Midi” and “Brussels-Midi Eurostar”; same station, different track. Due to this change, iRail was no longer able to provide any scheduling information which included Brussels-Midi. I’ve made a quick and dirty … Continue reading

21. February 2010 by Yeri Tiete
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iRail new year’s bug

Took me a while to notice, but was displaying the wrong year by default (2011 instead of 2010) and the NMBS website doesn’t have the 2011 time tables yet. Resulting in errors. Anyway, fixed!

08. February 2010 by Yeri Tiete
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iRail issues

Today, I received an e-mail informing iRail was broken, and not showing any information. The issue has been solved and the site is working again as it should be. I have no idea for how long the website has been … Continue reading

21. August 2009 by Yeri Tiete
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