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FlatTurtle vacature

iRail is a living lab, encouraging members to start spin-offs. One of these spin-offs, founded by Pieter and Yeri, is FlatTurtle. And now, FlatTurtle is looking for someone to join their ranks. Commercieel Talent: YOUNG SALES EXECUTIVE B2B (m/v) bij … Continue reading

23. July 2012 by Greet Derudder
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#iSoc12 FlatTurtle: final week

Hello, I’ve been working these last three weeks on Flatturtle, together with Nik and Jens. We have three main components: controller for the infoscreen, controlbay and the infoscreen itself (TV). The infoscreen was as good as finished but still contained … Continue reading

20. July 2012 by Glenn Bostoen
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#iSoc12 The second week of FlatTurtle

Hi faithful iRail blog readers. My name is Nik and I am working on the FlatTurtle project. In this post I will recap last week’s events on the project and share some of my experiences with #iSoc12. The project When the week … Continue reading

14. July 2012 by Nik Torfs
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#iSoc12 The power of a motivated dynamic team

You might have noticed, but I’m not one of those early birds. I really wish I was, but alas. This morning I got woken up by Christophe PJ, share holder en sole investor of FlatTurtle to thank Glenn, Nik, Jens, … Continue reading

13. July 2012 by Yeri Tiete
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#iSoc12 FlatTurtle, the zookeepers

Since open data is becoming more and more popular we can start developing our own creative applications using that data. FlatTurtle does exactly that. It is a system that has a special turtle for each type of data. There is … Continue reading

08. July 2012 by Jens Segers
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