Laurens, Sacha, François

“Imagine you’re walking in the street and you meet the eyes of a beautiful girl/handsome guy but you don’t make the move to talk to her/him because you don’t really know how to introduce yourself without being considered as an idiot. Have you already experienced this frustrating feeling? Of course, yes. Well with Firstsight, it is only a few clicks away. Get your mobile phone out of your pocket, open Firstsight app, create your “flash” in 10 seconds and take your chance to find back that person. Your flash will record your localization, the time and the mutual descriptions and will then be analyzed by our algorithm. If this person did the same, you’ll get a “matching” which, once confirmed from both sides, will give you the possibility to re-meet. All this for free and totally anonymously so that you don’t loose anything by creating a flash; neither your money, neither your ego.”