Our datasets are often used in scientific papers. We give a small overview of these papers on this page. Do you have an article or other scientific work that you want to get listed here? Mail to Pieter Colpaert.

Conference publications


Colpaert, Pieter, et al. “The Impact of an Extra Feature on the Scalability of Linked Connections.” Consuming Linked Data workshop at the International Semantic Web Conference. 2016.

Colpaert, Pieter, et al. “What Public Transit API Logs Tell Us about Travel Flows.Proceedings of the 25th International Conference Companion on World Wide Web. International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee, 2016.

Colpaert, Pieter, et al. “Open Transport Data as an enabler for Multimodal Route Planning” Proceedings of the 11th ITS European Congress. 2016.

Ponsard, Christophe, et al. “A Mobile Travel Companion Based on Open Accessibility Data.International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs. Springer International Publishing, 2016.

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Taelman, Ruben, et al. “Continuous Client-Side Query Evaluation over Dynamic Linked Data.International Semantic Web Conference. Springer International Publishing, 2016.


Colpaert, Pieter, et al. “Intermodal public transit routing using Linked Connections.Proceedings of the 14th International Semantic Web Conference: Posters and Demos. 2015.

Sansen, Joren, Kobe Boussauw, and Michiel van Meeteren. “Populatiegrenzen van polycentrische regio’s op basis van het spoorgebonden OV-netwerk.” Colloquium Vervoersplanologisch Speurwerk 2015 (CVS 2015): Buiten de lijntjes kleuren: tijd voor een nieuwe aanpak?. Stichting Colloquium Vervoersplanologisch Speurwerk (CVS), 2015.

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Walravens, Nils. “The Public Enemy? A Business Model Framework for Mobile City Services.ICMB. 2012.

Journal publications and reports


Jones, Jonathan, et al. “Belgium through the Lens of Rail Travel Requests: Does Geography Still Matter?” International Journal of Geo-Information


Fransen, Koos, et al. “Identifying public transport gaps using time-dependent accessibility levels.Journal of Transport Geography 48 (2015): 176-187.

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Gray, Jonathan, and Helen Darbishire. “Beyond Access: Open Government Data & the Right to (Re) use Public Information.Access Info Europe and Open Knowledge (2011).

PhD dissertations

Colpaert, Pieter Colpaert, Pieter. “Publishing transport data for maximum reuse. Diss. Ghent University, (2017)

Walravens, Nils. “Should There Be an App for That?’ Public Value Creation from ‘Smart’ Mobile Application Initiatives for Brussels and Local Governments.” (2016)

Chua, Alvin. “The Role of Data Visualization in Urban Studies.” (2016)

Master theses


Corteville, Jeroen. “Kan open data het mobiliteitsprobleem oplossen?” (2016).

Naumova, Iuliia. “Building traffic models using freely available data.” (2016).

Van de Vyvere, Brecht. “Optimalisatie van client-side intermodale routeplanning.” (2016)


De Clercq, Nicola. “Een routeplanningssysteem voor openbaar vervoer dat gebruik maakt van Linked Open Data.” (2015)

Dhondt, Jeroen. “A hybrid group recommender system for travel.” (2015).


Matté, Bart. “Onderzoek en ontwerp van een aanbevelingssysteem gebaseerd op de activiteiten van de gebruiker.” (2012)


Meyns, Ewout. “Detectie van locatie en activiteit van een gebruiker via GPS en bewegingsdata.” (2011)