iRail npo: General Meeting 2011

There we go. Our very first NPO General Meeting. And you are very welcome to join us.

The date has been set to 14th February 2011, starting at 19h00, and it will be help at Tour and Taxis.

The invite sent to the list:

Dear list,
Hi guys,

I’d like to invite you the 14th of February for our very first general meeting.

14th February, 2010
Start: 19h00 — doors open at 18h45
Meeting ends around 22h00

Tour & Taxis, Brussels

There will be a shuttle taking you from Brussels North to Tour & Taxi (and back again)

A drink will be provided

Everyone! 🙂
npo member or not, anyone is welcome to participate in this.
Of course, we would like all the npo members to attend.
> Please confirm whether you can attend or not directly to this list or yeri[@] — thanks !

Those who can’t attend, be sure to be on Skype!

And a final report on the wiki will be provided.

Beamer and internet

// If there’s anything you want to discuss that’s not on the planning, please let us know

– npo: what is it and what does it mean?
> Becoming a member?
> Copyright; should I hand it over to the npo ?
> e-mail addresses

– BeTrains
> Showcase
* Qt
* Bada
* WP7
* BB Playbook
* Android

– => new UI

– API v2.0
> New specification: more extensible
> New requests: geolocation, POI …
> Requests from API-users fixed
> Wrappers will slowly start using APIv2 in March
> API v1.0 stays up and supported until 2012
> Extensions: De Lijn, MIVB & TEC (hopefully!)

Further details will be posted on the wiki.

Everyone interested in iRail, BeTrains and anything related to this is welcome to attend.

We hope to see you there!

Special thanks to Christophe Petitjean of RentalVALUE for sponsoring the location.

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03. February 2011 by Yeri Tiete
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