#iSoc12 part II — #code9000 and VDAB!

A few weeks ago #iSoc12 ended. The whole group looked back on three wonderful weeks and everyone is proud about what they accomplished and learnt in those weeks.

But it isn’t over yet — we just couldn’t get enough! The students Nicolas, Lieven and Sam are finishing the #code9000 project this week — you’ll hear about it soon enough. We also started Bouncy Castle a new project, thanks to the people of VDAB. They offered us a chance to build something exciting with their data. Jeppe, Hannes and Michael are working on this new project right now, to build something useful in just 4 days. They only have 2 days left and we’re all very excited to find out what they are building.

Sneak preview of the new VDAB project…

We’ll keep you posted!

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Miet is a designer. Print, screen, web, identity… She loves participating in new and thrilling projects. Participating in iRail Summer of code 2012.

12. September 2012 by Miet Claes
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