Call for help: laravel, angularjs and nodejs devs needed

Too long didn’t read; we need your help developing stuff. We’re organising a day in September in Ghent to tell you all about it. Grab your ticket on Eventbrite!

What we need?

1. We want to improve our API and hyperRail webapp. There are a lot of issues open that urgently needs to be fixed. Want to help? Leave a note on our issue tracker for the issue you’d like to fix. (PHP – Laravel – AngularJS)

2. We have created a data dump for the Belgian railway company in GTFS. This has been requested by a lot of people. Yet… We still miss the geolocations of the platforms within a station, and we need a way to find the shapes of the tracks. If this is your thing, please let us know through this issue tracker! (data wrangling)

3. Discuss the next steps of – source code: (nodejs)

If you’re interested in reusing the data, such as the API, the GTFS files or the GTFS-RT, we’ll be glad to give you a tutorial that day.

We’ll explain everything, in person

Day: Friday 4th September

Time: between 10h-19h, whatever suits you.

Grab your ticket here

Where will we do it?

Start-up Garage

Zuiderpoort Office Park
Gaston Crommenlaan 8
9050 Gent

10. August 2015 by Brecht
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