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One million daily requests: where do they come from, and how we’ll cope with them

Since improving iRail server performance back in October, the iRail servers have been serving everyone without any major issues. The servers handled around 300.000 requests every day, which left quite some margin. Back then, we estimated the server capacity at … Continue reading

16. March 2018 by Bert
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Open data for stations and accessibility

While the iRail API has been getting quite some updates, we remained silent about our open data on stations. Mostly because there wasn’t really anything to talk about. Today is different. What we had before Before today, we provided a … Continue reading

22. November 2017 by Bert
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More API data in less network data

Days are getting shorter, and iRail API responses are getting longer. We’ve added some more data to various API endpoints, so you can build even better applications. We’ve also improved support for HTTP caching, and are closing in on a … Continue reading

10. November 2017 by Bert
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iRail server move and bugfixing

Hi, I’m Bert, a 21 year old student at Ghent University. I came into contact with iRail when I fixed an existing but broken application to view realtime train data on Qt devices (mostly for Nokia’s Symbian OS). A few … Continue reading

26. September 2017 by Bert
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Always have a seat in the train

With our API’s query logs, with a ground truth by train specialists in Belgium, and with user feedback, we can show you how busy your train is. The only thing lacking to realizing this feature that the Dutch already have for … Continue reading

21. April 2016 by Pieter Colpaert
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