Official GTFS real-time feeds available for SNCB

As of today, you can request the official GTFS real-time feeds of SNCB! This is great news: our real-time feeds were only a scraped version of what was announced on their websites. If you now want to rely on a high-quality data feed of train disturbances and train delays, you can rely on their new feeds. Request this over here: *

With iRail, we are allowed to use the GTFS data within our API and redistribute it. We slowly migrate our datasets to use this new data. Someone in for a day of hacking?

* You still need to sign a contract and thus cannot call this open data just yet.

About Pieter Colpaert

Pieter is a researcher in linked transport data publishing at MMLab - UGent - iMinds. He also co-founded Open Knowledge Belgium, in which he represents the iRail/Open Transport Working Group.

05. April 2017 by Pieter Colpaert
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