Caveat lector: you want to use a data dump? Don’t harvest our entire API, please just use our datadump in GTFS which you can find here:

We are also working on datadumps which give you the delay time per minute, bear with us while we are setting up our archive server.

If you have any questions about the data, ask us on twitter, or on our mailing list.

* Development of our lates API can be followed at github.com/iRail

The Belgian Railways (NMBS/SNCB) API

The documentation of the iRail API can be found at http://api.irail.be.

The De Lijn (Flemish bus company) API

Currently we process only static data about De Lijn. You can use this API in the same fashion as the Belgian railway company ↑.

Start at http://data.irail.be/DeLijn/Stations (.json). You can filter on the “name” by adding a GET parameter: e.g., http://data.irail.be/DeLijn/Stations?name=gent. As the list is quite big, this can help you to create quicker auto-complete lists.

You will have to now construct the request towards the expected departures at a bus stop yourself. For example, for 2014-05-10T12:00, for Aalst Gentsestraat, you’ll have to construct: http://data.irail.be/DeLijn/Departures/Aalst%20Gentsestraat/2014/05/10/12/00.json

The MIVB/STIB (Brussels bus company) API

Same story as above, but now use MIVBSTIB: http://data.irail.be/MIVBSTIB

The TEC (Walloon bus company) API

The TEC announced their Open Data sets as the first company in Belgium. Sadly, we didn’t integrate it in this API as we are working on our new API. You can use the data dumps though.


There are some other resources to be found as well, such as real-time bike availability or parking spots in Brussels. We are not updating or supporting these anymore. As long as they work, they work though.

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  2. Hi,

    Many thanks for the efforts you guys have put in making this data available. I have a query regarding the data for DeLijn:

    Departures at certain stations show duplicate data. Ex: https://data.irail.be/DeLijn/Departures/88498/2015/04/12/14/41.about

    Some of the departures for the same line are within 5 minutes of each other, which is different from what is shown on DeLijn website.
    I am creating an app for Jolla platform, and noticed it while testing.

    Could you please verify?


  3. Hey, vanaf wanneer zullen we de treinen in google maps zien?

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  5. Hey, really great project!!
    I looked in the data dumps for mivb – do you also have data about the trams/buses in brussels? Especially the routes (I only saw data about the metro)

  6. For a school project I want to use this api, however I’ve stumbled upon some difficulties.

    How can I get any ajax data from lets say:

    It returns me a string, not an object. Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance

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