open Summer of code 2017

You probably know we’re organizing, since 2011 already, open Summer of code, where we hire up to 30 students to work on open source projects.

Today, we’re looking for students to hire! Thanks to OASIS, a 50% grant from the European Commission Open Knowledge Belgium received, we will be able to hire a small team of students this year again on predicting how busy your train will be.

The current status of our occupancy predictions are explained at or in this talk:

To that extent: if you’d be a student willing to join this team, we’re still looking for a front-ender/UX-er, looking for a transport scientist, a back-ender and maybe someone who want to take the lead on the communication strategy.

If you would be a company who would like to support iRail financially (we still only have 50% of the money needed for this team), please let us know as well! We’d love to talk to you whether we can add something that also suits your needs.

About Pieter Colpaert

Pieter is a researcher in linked transport data publishing at MMLab - UGent - iMinds. He also co-founded Open Knowledge Belgium, in which he represents the iRail/Open Transport Working Group.

04. February 2017 by Pieter Colpaert
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